Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Manchester, NH

One of the biggest decisions a person can make in their life is asking for help when they have been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. When someone is habitually abusing one substance or another or has developed an addiction, they give up control of part of their life. Giving up this control to whatever extent addiction has taken over means that one or in most cases many other areas of their life will suffer. One of the key aspects of inpatient drug rehabs in Manchester is to help people get back to a baseline of not using or drinking one day at a time. It sounds overly simple, but a person cannot be clean and sober for a week, a month, a year, or more without first being drug and alcohol-free for that first day.

At one of the available inpatient drug rehabs in Manchester, this baseline is created when a person walks through the door of these 100% drug-free environments creating a separation between their old life with drugs and alcohol and their new life without what has become a negative influence. Inpatient rehab centers take this starting point and assist addicts and alcoholics move forward through drug detox in Manchester, therapy, counseling, and aftercare. Friends and family members can also benefit from the inpatient drug rehabs in Manchester through the information they can be provided regarding how addiction is affecting the person in their life. The professional staffs of inpatient rehab programs can tell what inpatient rehab is like, how long it typically lasts, what the benefits are for the patient and good reasons to choose taking part in the programs at one of the inpatient rehab centers near you.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab programs are residential programs for individuals who are working to enter recovery from drug or alcohol addiction or want to break the cycle of substance abuse they have developed even if they are not addicted to drugs or alcohol. Taking part in a residential program means that the person will stay in their choice of inpatient rehab centers 24-hours a day for what can be a set period of time or can be open-ended based on their progress. Inpatient rehab programs can be court-ordered but are not prisons; patients are allowed to leave at any time although the rehab specialists they are working with will make every effort to convince them to stay when the going gets tough. Quitting drinking or using drugs is hard no matter whether you are a frequent abuser or you are addicted, then being in a rehab program of any kind will make it easier to stay the course and continue working towards long-lasting sobriety.

How long Does Inpatient Rehab Usually Last?

The programs available at inpatient drug rehabs in Manchester can last a wide range of time periods. Many experts say that the longer a person stays in a residential treatment program the more successful they will be in recovery. Most inpatient rehab centers start with 28-day programs but this is the most basic of programs and stays can last up to a year or even longer depending on the severity of a person's addiction and in many cases what type of substance they use.

What Are the Benefits?

When a person takes advantages of the services provided by inpatient drug rehabs in Manchester or anywhere else in the state or region, they are exposed to a large selection of counseling and therapy choices throughout the day. They also have around-the-clock support from the rehab staff as well as medical personnel in case they have withdrawal symptoms that need attention. By being in a residential program, they are physically separated from mainstream society where they had ready access to the drugs or alcohol they became addicted to or were abusing. Having this clean break and being around people who are also striving to successfully start their recovery all go towards staying motivated.

Why Should I Enter an Inpatient Rehab?

It's easy to come with excuses as to why inpatient rehab programs just won't work for the individual or at least at this point in their life. Inpatient rehab centers often have comprehensive programs that include detox, the formal rehab process, and coordination with aftercare programs that will help addicts and alcoholics beginning recovery stay on track after the initial phases of their new clean and sober lifestyle. So call and talk to an addiction counselor today to find out all of the ways drug and alcohol rehabs help those in need. Call Manchester Alcohol Rehab Centers. (603) 677-9101.

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